Book Review: You 1 Anxiety 0

Screen-Shot-2016-04-24-at-3.47.40-PM“Why suffer from anxiety when you don’t have to?”  -Jodi Aman

A good question indeed, one posed by a person I greatly admire for her tireless efforts in getting people the help they need so they don’t have to suffer.

Jodi Aman is a person whose blog (now a vlog) I stumbled upon a year or two ago, got hooked on, and have been following ever since.  She is a therapist in Rochester, NY with a knack for making people feel better about life, an ever-expanding social media presence (blog, FB, YouTube channel, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram), and now…a book!  Ever since I heard she was publishing a book on anxiety I knew I had to read it, so I got an advanced copy and it did not disappoint!

The book is rightfully called “You 1 Anxiety 0”.  Read all about it here:  How to Cure Anxiety Because Enough is Enough!  You might think that you couldn’t benefit from it because you’ve never had a formal diagnosis of anxiety, or perhaps, like many, you just think anxiety is something you have to suffer with.  This book is for anyone, ANYONE suffering from anxiety–a lot or a little.  It helped me and can probably help you too.  Let me tell you how the lessons in it can be applied to everyday life by using an example from my personal life.

Without giving too much away, one of the themes in the book was defeating anxiety by connecting to your personal agency–you have more power than you think you have!  You can do things!  You can take action!  I thought about that one a lot, and here’s how I applied it.

Situation: road trip by myself.  I sometimes get freaked out by the prospect of driving long distances solo–what if I get in an accident and die?  Just being away from my home and family makes me uncomfortable, but this fear started after I had a co-worker killed in a car accident where she was driving alone to a work event.  It has subsided with time but I still get a little anxious at the prospect of a solo road trip, especially when factoring in things like rain and little sleep.

I wanted to go see some art (which I will blog about soon) and friends in Kansas City.  I checked the weather, it would be raining the whole time.  I decided I wasn’t going to panic.  I was going to do what I could.  I thought of all of the things I could do to be safe.  I could thoroughly clean and put Rain-X on my windshield.  I could get new wiper blades.  I could wash off my headlights and tail lights.  I could take the head rests off in the back seat for better visibility.  I could pull over and take breaks if I was tired.  I could have a big cup of coffee and an entertaining audiobook so I would be alert.  I would wear my seatbelt and not go over the speed limit.  I would keep a greater distance between me and the car in front of me.  I was set!  I did all of those things and I made it to KC and back without any problems despite the incessant rain and not wonderful amounts of sleep.  In fact, I had fun!  I wasn’t nervous, I was feeling good and very confident on the road.  Me 1, Anxiety 0.  In your face, loser!

In writing and sharing this, I’m hoping that this book can help you too.  Here my formal book review on Amazon. Bottom line is it’s so applicable to life and it really helps.  Here is the trailer for the book.  Enjoy!