A Shot at Art!

Many of you think to yourselves, “I want to save a child’s life, eradicate disabling diseases from the planet, and I also want to get some cool Andrea Riley swag”.  Well today, friends, your wish came true.  I’m giving away prime AJ Riley goods for all of you who go to my fundraising page and donate.

A donation of $5 will buy…

  • One child a measles AND polio vaccine, which is a big deal because…
  •         measles kills an estimated 430 people per day, mostly kids under 5
  •         polio is very close to being wiped off the face of the earth–it will be only the 2nd disease to ever be eradicated (smallpox being the first and only)–but as for now it’s still around, paralyzing kids…
  • One awesome art card of your choice
  • One warm fuzzy feeling
  • Your name on my Fundraising Honor Roll (I think)

A $10 donation will buy…

  • 2 kids polio + measles shots
  • 3 awesome art cards of your choice
  • Twice the fuzzy feeling
  • Your name on my Fundraising Honor Roll (definitely)

A donation of $20 will buy…

  • One child all 4 life-saving vaccines (polio, rotavirus, measles, and pneumonia) and a lifetime of immunity
  •        that’s important because actually pneumonia is the biggest killer of kids worldwide (who knew?  I thought it was AIDS or malaria but those aren’t even close)
  • Parents’ peace of mind that their kid is safe from scary diseases
  • 8 art cards (you pick) OR 1 foam-mounted print (8×10) of your choice.
  • A warm superfuzzy feeling
  • Your name on my Fundraising Honor Roll

A donation of $50-60 will buy…

  • Three kids a lifetime of immunity
  • All that other good stuff
  • 3 foam-mounted prints OR 1 original drawing from me, subject of your choice

A donation of $100 or more will buy

  • 5+ friends or siblings a lifetime of immunity
  • An original oil painting from me, subject of your choice

If you have already donated, please email me and tell me what you would like!

Here’s what you have to do.

1.  Donate here.  Please go to my fundraising page and NOT the general donate page on the Shot@Life site.  The UN Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Your donations are fully tax-deductible. Shot@Life is a UN Foundation Campaign.

2.  Pick your swag!  See pics below.

3.  Email me with your mailing address and what you want. (andrea dot m dot riley at gmail dot com)

4.  Go to http://www.shotatlife.org and join the movement!

5.  Enjoy your new art and warm fuzzy feeling that you helped save the life of a child, and in a few years when we eradicate polio from the planet you can say “I did that”!

Here are the designs from the cards:


Card #1- Pumpkin Vine


Card #2 — detail from Snake River Falls


Card #3, Woodland Path –only for orders $20+, limit one per person (not very many of these left)


Card #4–Red Flower


Card #5–Umm…green plant of some sort?


Card #6–Lenten Rose


Card #7–Wedding Orchid

Card #8–Waterlilies


Card #9–White Flower


Foam-mounted print 1 “Staghorn Sumac in Fall”  SOLD!


Foam-mounted print 2–detail from “Snake River Falls”


Foam-mounted print 3–“May 25th (5/25)”


Print 4 — “Sumac in Moonlight” I have 1 8,5×11 print and 1 foam mounted 8×10


Print 5 — “Valerie in Pink”


Print 6 – “Pumpkin Vine” either mounted or unmounted  BOTH SOLD!


Print 7–Wedding Orchid  SOLD!