My Amazing New Art Collection

If you haven’t heard, I have amassed quite the exquisite collection of fine art.  I have acquired all the pieces for free and can show them to you at any time.  You can own them, too and I can also browse your collection and steal it without you losing anything.  I am of course talking about Pinterest, the best thing to happen to anyone ever.  I’ve been lurking for a while but only in the past few months have I started actively using it, like developing boards and pinning and things.  While other people are using Pinterest for workout inspiration (whatever) or recipes, I have a more realistic approach because I know my limitations.  I started a recipe board, just because I thought I should, but it’s mostly just cocktails from the Today Show feed (those ladies know their way around a bar, their Drinks page is awesome) and fruit that looks like Bert and Ernie, with the requisite dish that I tried making but soon realized that looking at a recipe once and thinking you know it 3 hours later is not the best way to do business.  Hence my limited board.

What I can do and not screw up on is look at art.  It requires no work as it’s something on Pinterest that doesn’t require cooking, assembling, or the distant promise of perfect obliques.  You just get to gaze lovingly at cool stuff other people painstakingly made.  Of interest to me lately has been portrait painting and photography, like this gem.

I would like to do that someday, when I’m not home sick, when the couch isn’t so darn comfortable, and when I have the perfect balance of free time, creative energy, and inspiration.  So no time soon!  In the meantime, I’ll study what I like about the pictures I like–some may call it laziness, I call it the R&D phase.  And I’ll pin, and spend my blessed free time daydreaming about Capucine and Avedon in Paris.

I invite you to do what 9 other people have done and follow me or check out my Amazing Portraits or Pretties boards for all things Super Awesome.  Until then I’ll be gaining passive knowledge as lazily as I can.