Two great things

1.  The rain barrel I painted auctioned off for $510.  Yeah for the kids who can now go to nature camp!  It was a gorgeous early spring day in a nice pastoral setting.  Here’s a picture of the scene, unfortunately you can’t really see the elk lazing around  in the background.

The second most awesome thing is that shortly after the auction I get a call at my desk at work.  A blogger from Chicago had Googled me and wanted to talk to me about my barrel.  She writes about greening libraries and decided that morning her post for the day was going to be on rain barrels, and found my barrel online since it was displayed at the public library (again with the Google).  Here’s the link.

I was also asked by someone at the auction if I’d paint a barrel for he and his wife.  Sadly had to decline.  Flattered, though, all the way around.