Meet me at the libary

Your face is red, like a strawbrerry.  Anyway my barrel is getting edumacated at the Bennett Martin in dowtown Lincoln.  Here’s some pics.

It looks smarter already

My mom took these with her new Droid.  I need to go down there with my camera one of these days.  Again, thanks for the photos, mom!

more fun on the other side

In case you’re one of the few people who hasn’t already heard this story a million times, I was called last Sunday to do a story for the LJS on the rain barrel.  The call came from the coordinator at the city office, and I recognized the prefix as the same City of Lincoln one that would frequently leave automated messages to tell me that I have overdue materials at the library, which happens at least every few weeks (ironically, the same library where the barrel is now).  So I ignored it.  Then at 9 pm I finally checked my messages and realized that no, moron, although you do have a late fee right now you also had an opportunity to brag about how awesome you are in the local paper, buuuut you missed it.  The coordinator had called from her office to see if she could give my number to a reporter who wanted to do a story that day and have it run in the paper Monday to coincide with the first day of the barrels being displayed throughout town.  This story could have been mine…. New Artistic Rain Barrels Unveiled

All the better.   It’s not about the fame, man, it’s about the music watershed management.

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