Ode to Blossom, Queen of the Girl Nerds

Had a party this weekend which evolved into a 90’s sit com theme.  People brought food that was also the name of a show (like Wings, or Married with Asparagus–a bit of a stretch) with an option to dress as a character.  I don’t even know how this idea got in my head–something about sitting at a conference all day listening to lectures makes your mind wander into strange territory–but I knew exactly what I had to do.   Construct the Blossom necktie skirt.  Vague memories of her dancing in the opening credits with this cool skirt and when she spun around–bam!  The skirt was made of neckties!  How amazing was that!  I believe she wore biker shorts underneath, as that would have made sense at the time.  Most people that remember the show also remember the skirt, though I can find no such picture of it anywhere on the interwebs.  Just trust me, it was cool and it blew my 7th grade mind. 

For anyone who never caught an episode, let me explain the cultural significance.   In summary, it was a prime-time show that featured a girl who was awesome but not hot.  Humorous, quirky, spunky, brainy, awkward, talented, but not a looker.  Why was this significant?  Because it had never happened before and (please correct me if I am wrong) IT”S NEVER HAPPENED AGAIN.  EVER.  Seriously!  In today’s standards it would be like if Hannah Montana worked on green energy before it was cool instead of rocking out.  Geeky men are all over, like Chuck or The Big Bang Theory or any 80’s movie.  Yet they are mostly there to entertain us on their geeky antics and awkward pursuit of hot chicks.  Girl nerds, however, don’t get a lot of air time.  Sure there’s the TV genre of the female lead who was beautiful but also brainy, like she solved crimes or was a doctor or lawyer or judge or a murder-mystery-solving crime-fighting forensic bionic surgeon lawyer/vampire.  Generally she stood still in previews while announcers said “and next, and all new___” and wore hair extensions in big spiral curls while fans blew her hair all about.  This doesn’t count.  We’re talking full-on scripted girl geek here, and I can’t think of many besides Lisa Simpson since Blossom went off the air.  However, in the non-scripted-comedy world, the real live girl geek de jour Rachel Maddow is bringing nerdy back and we love it.

Anyway, Blossom made girl geekery something to aspire to, not be ashamed of.  She was easy to relate to and fun and cool.  She was so much of a geek that in real life the actress that played her went on to get a PhD in Neuroscience, probably the only child star in the history of time to accomplish such a thing.  So, in homage to Blossom, I constructed the necktie skirt for last night’s party, paired with big socks and sneaks and a hat with a flower on it.  My favorite reaction was my sister, who laughed hysterically, and I laughed, and we laughed and laughed at this inside joke, this relic of our childhood.  And then about 5 minutes later she asked, “so who are you supposed to be?” 

The gallery shows my progress step by step (ooh, another 90’s sit com).  Enjoy.

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