Meditation Soup

Came home from work on a cold, gray, and blustery winter’s day and decided to make some experimental dinner.  I had had a butternut squash sitting around for a very long time and wanted to put it to good use.  I cut it open and much to my delight it was still good. 

Butternut Squash
Butternut Squash
Then I proceeded to turn in into soup in what I call the “what the hell” method.  I ask myself things like, “Should I put a squash, red pepper, onion, carrots, celery and chicken broth in a blender and see what it does?”  Answer: Sure, [shrug] what the hell?  I then boiled it and thought to myself, “what would happen if I put a little of this mixture in a blender with some garlic and a handful of cilantro and peanuts and liquefied it and put it back in with the rest?  Do I dare try?”  Sure!  What the hell?  Shrug.  I then added some cumin because there was some sitting there and found half a lime, squeezed it, then threw it in the pot rather than throwing it away, thinking it would get some oil from the skin or whatever (you know, like they do in drinks).  I have a hard time knowing when to stop but I did stop there and watched it boil, which was quite mesmerising.  Soup is one of the great pleasures of the winter and I find the simple acts of breathing it in and slowly swirling it around and watching it cook to be quite meditative.
I'm sorry, were you talking?  I was thinking about soup.

I'm sorry, were you talking? I was thinking about soup.

For me, cooking is about exploration, and what I can do with the things I have on hand.  Luckily my kitchen was well stocked today.  It’s also about enjoying an activity that’s different than what you’ve been doing all day.  Cooking gives me a chance to unwind.  It was so relaxing that even the dog chilled out.
it's been a long day

it's been a long day

So how was it?  Not bad!  Had it with a toasted bagel for a tasty weeknight dinner.  I had a ripe avacado that I considered putting in the mix but decided to serve sliced on the side instead.  The flavor was so good with it that I think I might blend it on up next time, lest my tastebuds explode in happiness.   Bronson ate it (a good test), and Izzy eagerly took care of any remnants left in the bowl.  She looooved it.  I know I shouldn’t congratulate myself if a labrador, the most food-motivated dog ever, enjoys my cooking but it’s just nice to have a receptive audience, ya know?  Enjoy.

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