Not too bad

Got a few things done this weekend, including Bronson’s painting , although I might go over it with a thin layer of oil paint to even out the background color and make it look shiny–later (now it’s all acrylic, just 2 tubes of paint and a lot of time).  If you are wondering where this design came from, we went to the Rainforest Jungle at the Omaha zoo a few weeks ago and he liked this particular plant, so snapped a picture and made him a painting of it (see last post).

I’ve decided doing one of these larger paintings is like going to Denver.  Denver is great and fun once you get there but from where I live you have to travel 8 boring hours by car, the worst of which is Eastern Colorado where there is absolutely nothing for miles.  Sure it is nice and contemplative for a while, and you can listen to good music or audio books but the ride is just mind-numbingly boring and you have to plug through.  But then you get there and it’s pretty and it’s fun, you can admire the beauty of the mountains and ski and shop or whatever.  Such is doing a painting this size.  It’s just layer after layer after layer of paint, big broad strokes and tiny details, and there’s not really anything I know of to do that can speed it up.  I felt like this one was exceptionally slow, perhaps because I worked on it in big chunks of time rather than an hour or two here or there.  Or maybe I’m using the wrong kind of canvas or paint.  I dunno, it just was very slow and laborious.  But it’s done, or kind of done-ish, and it looks allright.  However, should you choose to do this at home, keep your dog away from drying paint (woops).

Bronson's new office art

Bronson's new office art

Izzy's poor green ear

Izzy's poor green ear

the inspiration

the inspiration


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